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Planning Name Planning Number
The Olde Dairy 1/1029/2018/LBC
St. Edmunds Church 1/0959/2018/TCA
36 Stafford Way 1/0935/2018/FUH
North Ham 1/0995/2018/LBC
Down Farm 1/0885/2018/FUL
Down Farm 1/0884/2018/FUL
1 Church Close 1/0899/2018/FUL
Land North Of Aller Road 1/0701/2018/OUTM
Eastlake Farm 1/0238/2018/FUL
Aller Cottage 1/1288/2017/FUL
Rams Head 1/1106/2017/FUL
Rams Head 1/1107/2017/LBC
South Woodtown 1/0955/2017/FUL
Community Car Park 1/0813/2017/FUL
2 Hilliers 1/0736/2017/FUL
2 Barfield Road 1/0582/2017/FUL
5 Barfield Road 1/0583/2017/FUL
Wistaria - West Lane 1/0280/2017/OUT
Football Field 1/0143/2017/FUL
Aller Ford 1/1149/2016/FUL
Telecommunications base station 1/0049/2017/TEL
Fishleigh Park 1/1262/2016/OUT
Brook Cottage 1/1036/2016/FUL
Cleave Farm 1/1022/2016/COU
72 Stafford Way - proposed footpath 1/0908/2016/FUL
Poole Cottage, Dolton 1/0721/2016/LBC
Ham Farm Country Cottages, Dolton 1/0888/2016/FUL
Hill Cottage 1/0886/2016/FUL
Penny Farthing 1/0809/2016/FUL
Glencoe 1/0862/2016/FUL
Land off Cleave Hill 1/0590/2016/OUT
Wood Farm 1/0625/2016/AGMB
North Woodtown 1/0561/2016/FUL
59 Stafford Way 1/0438/2016/FUL
Chapple Farm 1/0143/2016/AGMB
Aller Farm 1/0015/2016/FUL
Fishleigh Park 1/0846/2015/OUTM
St Edmunds Church Church Street Dolton Devon 1/1173/2015/TCA
Union Inn Fore Street Dolton Devon 1/1091/2015/FUL
Hilltop Cleave Hill Dolton Winkleigh Devon EX19 8QT 1/0947/2015/TCA
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